2023 Beach to Bay Relay Marathon
Relay Results
Corpus Christi, TX
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21-Ultra 3 Men and 3 Women
Division Overall Total
Place Team Name Name City/State Place Time Pace
1 IAAP Ultras (bib 341) 278 4:28:26.8 10:14
Bartholemew, Laurie San Antonio/TX
Field, Mary Ann San Antonio/TX
Field, Rex San Antonio/TX
Luke, Ed San Antonio/TX
Rutherford, Janet San Antonio/TX
Wilson, Woody San Antonio/TX
2 Aging Racefully (bib 45) 887 5:51:29.0 13:24
Foster, Patty Houston/TX
Glanz, Karen Houston/TX
Merkyl, Peter Houston/TX
Rogers, Maureen Houston/TX
Vacca, Herman Houston/TX
Ward, Kevin Houston/TX